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Sylvester (Sly) Brooks


Sylvester (Sly) Brooks, owner of Sly's Security Services has over 30 years of experience in investigations, law enforcement, security and the criminal justice system. They hold significant knowledge of state legislation within a law enforcement/security setting. Sly's Security provides experienced, retired or off-duty law enforcement officers with concealed weapons permits.

Past security experiences with:

Guess Inc., Kardashians, Experian, Production Security for several Fortune 500 companies, etc.

• Bonafide Leader •
• Legal and Regulatory Compliance Officer •

• Retired Peace Officer/HR-218 •


Robert Williams

Operations Manager

I am highly motivated and tactically committed to solid leadership and motivating my team members. A sound decision-maker and a proven dedicated operator in a variety of fields, including but not limited to investigations, patrol, risk management, executive protection and administration. I've been recognized throughout my career as a valuable asset, capable of creating an atmosphere of exceptional morale and unquestionable loyalty to the core values and mission of my chosen profession. Seasoned investigator and security expert with over 40 combined years of military, law enforcement and private investigation experience handling complex investigations, security consultant and executive protection. Leader experienced in organizing and supervising multi-jurisdictional investigations. Artful communicator with excellent interpersonal as well as oral and written skills. Critical thinker with strong analytical skills. A passionate Executive Protection Officer with leadership experi! ence overseeing executive protection details at residences, business, in the public and while clients are traveling. A focus on creating a professional rapport with contacts in the field, mitigating risk while providing concierge service. I coordinate and oversee projects I assign to consultant, subcontractors and employees while ensuring the company's high standards are exceeded in all deliverables under my control.

About Us

Our Security Services

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Executive Protection

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Special Event Security

Golden Padlock

Asset Protection

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Domestic Standby

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High Profile Persons

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Private Schools

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CCW Protection

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Production Security

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TRavel Escort

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Workplace Threats

Sly's Security Services has experience with production companies. Mainly advertising, film, and commericials. Sly's security assist with NDA-Table, securing phones, and protecting the security of the product(s). Also, transporting high-end product(s) to the desired location.


If you feel your situation requires our services, please call us today or submit a contact form below to discuss further.

Contact Us

Sylvester (Sly) Brooks

1902 Wright Place,
Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

PPO License: PPO121449

(877) 759 -1963

(909) 851-6212

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